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Clinton Won't Rule Out Questioning Election, But Says No Clear Means To Do So : NPR

Hillary Clinton tells Fresh Air the mechanism for such a challenge does not exist in the U.S. "and usually we don't need it." She also says she is "optimistic about our country, but I am not naive." #HillaryClinton

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

The Place Where Letters To Hillary Clinton Go

At just 30 years old, Rob Russo has been one of Hillary #Clinton’s closest aides for a decade, organizing and drafting her political and personal correspondence. After the election, his job changed as

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Hillary Clinton rallies DNC members in video message | TheHill

“Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country,” she said. #clinton

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Poll: 62 percent of Democrats and independents don't want Clinton to run again - POLITICO

A majority of Democrats and independents would like to see a new name.

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

“We have work to do”: Hillary Clinton’s first speech since her concession was a call to action - Vox

She told the audience not to let their disappointment discourage them. #Clinton

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Voter suppression didn’t cost Hillary Clinton the election - Vox

Voter suppression might explain Clinton’s loss in Wisconsin — but not Florida, Michigan, or Pennsylvania.

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Hillary Clinton Struggles to Boost Black Turnout in Ohio- WSJ

#Hillary Clinton has turned to such allies as President Barack #Obama and hip-hop artist Jay Z to nudge African-Americans to the polls in Ohio and other presidential battlegrounds.

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Hillary Clinton Emails: Your Questions Answered

Here are the answers to your questions about the FBI investigation. #HillaryClinton

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

James Comey Under Fire After Hillary Clinton Email News

"He owes the public the full story" #HillaryClinton #JamesComey

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Hillary Clinton: FBI Reopening Email Investigation

A surprise twist in a turbulent campaign just 11 days before election day. #HillaryClinton

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

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Biography of Ataturk (english)

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was an Ottoman and Turkish army officer, revolutionary statesman, writer, and the first President of Turkey. He is credited with being the founder of the Republic of Turkey. His surname, Atatürk (meaning "Father of t...

Posted by ROBIN  (United States)

Secular Government in a Muslim Nation? Ray Charles, Turkey, The Future

The Republic of Turkey, overwhelmingly Muslim, was founded as a secular state. If separation of religion & state are to survive in any Muslim nation, secularism must survive in #Turkey. Sean Faircloth is author of Attack of the Theocrats... #Ataturk #secular

Posted by phil  (United States)

Got A Hobby? Might Be A Smart Professional Move : Shots - Health News : NPR

Workers who have a #creative outlet outside the office are more likely to be creative problem solvers on the job, a study suggests. Oh, and they have more fun.

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

Jane Goodall on New Gardens for a Changing World | Blog, Perspectives |

In her new book, Seeds of Hope, anthropologist Jane #Goodall, who turned 80 today, writes about a new movement in gardening that transforms the “typical ridiculous American lawn” into a native plant habitat for bees, other insects, birds...

Posted by phil  (United States)

Apple's Steve Jobs To Be Featured On U.S. Postage Stamp: The Two-Way : NPR

The late tech icon is just one of several individuals slated to appear on stamps within the next year or so, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Johnny Carson.

Posted by phil  (United States)

Being labeled a 'radical' is meant to be an insult. History tells us otherwise | Andy Fitzgerald | Comment is free |

Andy Fitzgerald: The word radical often has negative connotations, but their actions can be necessary to bring about true social change

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

Saturday Night Live Spoofs Nelson Mandela Memorial Sign Language Interpreter: Watch the Video

The American Hustle costars keep warm at the film's snow N.Y.C. premiere. Plus: Prince William, Katy Perry & more!

Posted by crowdact  (Canada)

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

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