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Mission & Vision

Crowdact's mission is to become the place where people connect around the issues they care about. Crowdact seeks to change the way we interact by providing a network that goes beyond personal connections. By debating subjects that matter and meeting new people who reflect similar perspectives, the users of Crowdact will form new communities of substance and value. It is the vision of Crowdact that, together, these new communities will move forward and impact the world around them.

Our Team

Can Ardic

Based out of Calgary, Canada, Crowdact is the brain-child of Can (John) Ardic. He believes passionately in the collective power of individual voices, and envisions a world where speech and opinion can be shared freely. He calls himself “a geoscientist wandering in the world of social media”. But he would also add “…because when you step out of your comfort zone is where magic happens”.

Naj Zada

Naj Zada, has over 14 years of technology, sales and marketing experience. Mr. Zada is responsible for strategic marketing, development, and implementation of new programs within Crowdact, as well as corporate planning and business development for local and commercial markets. He identifies strategic markets and opportunities for Crowdact, and oversees aspects of the entire business development cycle.

Marc Navarro

Marc is Crowdact's main developer. He has the task of writing and maintining the code and the internal functions of the site. Marc has 15 years of experience in web development and has also a strong background in filmmaking. As a self-motivated professional, loves the challenge of Crowdact, both from the technical and the social side.

Kirsten Andersen

Kirsten is the Social and Political Issues editor for Crowdact.com. She is a former student at the University of Calgary, and a graduate student of international relations at the University of Toronto. Her enthusiasm for world affairs is matched only by her desire to see a global engagement by individuals over important issues - A desire that she thinks can be realized by Crowdact.com.

Joel Dryden

Joel is the Sports editor for Crowdact.com, and a recent graduate with a major in Journalism from Mount Royal University. He has seen first hand that everybody has an opinion and a story about the world around them - and who thinks we need a better way to make our voices heard. He strongly believes that Crowdact.com can be the place where people gather to discuss and speak up about the world around them.

Zeynep Orf Menlikli

Zeynep is the Social Media Coordinator of Crowdact.com-Europe, in London. She believed in the Crowdact from the heart since its very beginning and learned so much with Crowdact during its development. As a senior psychologist now, she is writing her dissertation on social media and psychology relationship, aiming to use her knowledge and experience to create something even richer for herself and for Crowdact as well. 


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