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Is hunting purely for sport ethically permissible?


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Hunting is the practice of pursuing any living thing, usually wildlife or feral animals, by humans for food, recreation, or trade. Animals may also hunt other animal species but this is usually... More
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Rare Black Rhino Killed By U.S. Hunter Who Won Controversial Auction : The Two-Way : NPR

Corey Knowlton of Dallas won an auction last January for a #hunting permit that would allow him to kill a black #rhino weighing about 3,000 pounds.

Posted by phil  (United States)

Leave us ‘toffs’ to hunt legally in peace | Melissa Kite | Comment is free | The Guardian

Melissa Kite: Labour’s ban has nothing to do with animal welfare: it is class war directed at the thousands, like me, who will again be out in our red coats today... #hunting

Posted by sue  (United States)

Congressional Spending Bill Includes $20 Million for Endangered Wildlife |

Earlier this week, we told you about Prince William’s efforts on behalf of the world’s #rhinoceroses and other endangered creatures, which the illegal #wildlife trade…

Posted by canardic  (Canada)

Pressure on Namibia's wild game mounting - Africa - Al Jazeera English

#Poaching and competition for resources is taking an increasing toll on wildlife, say conservationists. #hunting

Posted by Antigone  (Greece)

Help Stop This Texas Cheerleader From Killing Rare Animals On African Safaris| Earth. We are one.

HELP SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP KENDALL JONES Global animal lovers are up in arms over a teenage Texas girl's love of killing big African game, so much so that they're even demanding she be banned from posting pictures of herse... #hunting

Posted by ann  (United States)

This is Why Killing A Lion Is The Most Cowardly Thing You Can Do, And Anyone That Says Otherwise Is Wrong.  

Melissa Bachman has caused a huge controversy posting this picture on her boasting about killing a male #lion in South Africa. Due to the relaxed nature of a resting lion she literally pointed a gun and shot – like a true coward. Bachm... #hunting

Posted by phil  (United States)

Controversy Swirls Around the Recent U.S. Suspension of Sport-Hunted Elephant Trophies – News Watch

Battle lines are being drawn after the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) announcement last month to suspend import of #elephant trophies from #Tanzania and #Zimbabwe for the remainder of 2014. The decision was spurred by the ca... #hunting #Africa

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

Lions Are Approaching Extinction in Africa, But Hundreds Are Still Killed in Canned Hunts

Lions are approaching extinction in #Africa, but hundreds are killed every year in controlled hunts... #lions

Posted by sue  (United States)

The Pros and Cons of Hunting - Life123

Understanding the pros and cons of hunting is important because you must know what to expect before you take a weapon in your hands.

Posted by Antigone  (Greece)

Delaware Action For Animals - ANIMALS KILLED FOR SPORT/FASHION: Hunting

Delaware Action for Animals informs the public about and takes action against animal exploitation.

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

The ‘sport’ of hunting: Why I don’t call it that | A Mindful Carnivore

For some people, hunting for “sport” implies frivolity: killing for fun. For some, it suggests wastefulness and a lack of respect for animals: taking a whitetail’s antlers and cape for a trophy mount, and leaving the meat to rot. Thos...

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

Why Sport Hunting Is Cruel and Unnecessary | Wildlife Factsheets | Wildlife | The Issues | PETA

Although it was a crucial part of humans’ survival 100,000 years ago, hunting is now nothing more than a violent form of recreation that the vast majority

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

Should bears or wolves be hunted for their fur?

Once, while watching the news with my dad, I heard a reporter talking about open season for hunting. Now this didn’t seem very strange to me, consid...

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

Hunting cowardice: There's no 'sport' for wildlife in one-sided competition

As the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi approach, physically superior performances come to mind in anticipation of athletic excellence rewarded with gold, silver and bronze medals. The definition

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

Japan defends dolphin hunting at Taiji Cove -

More than 200 dolphins spent a second day penned in a cove by Japanese fishermen, U.S. conservationists said Sunday, many of them stressed and bloodied.

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

To Save The Black Rhino, Hunting Club Bids On Killing One : NPR

Fewer than 5,000 black rhinos are thought to exist in the wild, but the Dallas Safari Club is auctioning off a permit to hunt one down. It says the controversial fundraiser is a conservation effort.

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

Germany demands UN resolution on poaching | Environment | DW.DE | 10.10.2013

Poaching and illegal animal trading are not only threats against animals but also for humans. Proceeds finance violence and terrorism. Now Germany and Gabon are demanding a UN resolution.

Posted by Canadian  (Canada)

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