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Are children's rights important?


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Children's rights are the human rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to the young, including their right to association with both... More
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Once In A While, Somebody Comes Along And Captures Images That Change A Nation

Capitalism without limits created the need for the world to see photos like these.

Posted by Regina  (United States)

Why Are 50,000 South Sudanese Children on the Brink of Death? | The Nation

This year, 50,000 #children may die of #malnutrition in South #Sudan—brutal evidence of the limits of American nation-building in Africa.

Posted by Antigone  (Greece)

Unicef launch children's rights website at Games | STV Glasgow | Glasgow

An interactive website which teaches #children about their rights has been launched through the partnership between #Unicef and the Commonwealth Games. #childrights

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

Child Migrants Report Freezing In 'Icebox' U.S. Border Patrol Centers

Accounts of severe cold in U.S. Border Patrol facilities abound. Advocates say it's intentional, but there's no official explanation. #childrensrights #immigration

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

The Overmedication of Our Kids is Worse Than We Thought - Esquire

10,000 American toddlers are now taking ADHD medications like Adderall before they even have a meaningful interaction with another person.

Posted by gilligan  (United States)

Scout master Martyn Tucker 'stole my soul': Sex abuse victim speaks of harrowing ordeal - Daily Post

Judge describes #paedophile scout master's 'deliberate, calculated, sophisticated grooming process' in #abusing young boys. #Children #ChildrensRights

Posted by KirstenPer  (Canada)

Here's A Story About What Foster Care Is Like For An Abused Child Removed From Her Home

#Kids who are abused or neglected and placed in the system go through a lot. This young girl explains how it feels.

Posted by phil  (United States)

BBC News - Huge US child porn ring is dismantled with 14 arrests

Officials in the #US dismantle one of the largest online child #pornography rings ever uncovered, the Department of Homeland Security says. #children #porn #exploitation

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

Just When A Problem Like Child Slavery Seems So Big We Don't Know What To Do, A 9-Year-Old Shows Us

A striking film about a really horrible #injustice, a young girl who wanted to help, and what we can all do to make a difference.

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

#Teens charged with distributing #child #porn online in Kamloops. #Canada #BC

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

The World Cup and child-sex exploitation - Features - Al Jazeera English

With the World Cup months away, rights groups are warning tourists to stay away from young sex workers.

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

The Subhuman Conditions That Slaves And Child Laborers Face In India Are Worse Than You Imagined

During the largest firsthand investigation into slavery and child labor, a group of Harvard researchers documented more than 3,000 cases of forced labor in India’s handmade carpet sector.

Posted by phil  (United States)

Photographs of six ways of child abuse that appeared in the press in recent years:1-Pedophilia in Catholic Church 2-Prostitution of children in Thailand 3-Child warriors in Syria 4-Children killed for organ trafficking 5-Children... More

Posted by Zeynep  (Canada)

U.S. woman charged in children’s death thought exorcism was necessary - National |

A police captain says a Maryland woman accused of killing her two children told investigators she thought an exorcism was necessary.

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

BBC News - UK paedophiles pay to watch webcam child sex abuse in Philippines

British paedophiles are among those paying to watch the abuse of children in the Philippines via webcams, a BBC investigation finds.

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

Maid murder: House owner wife confesses to torturing 10-year old girl -

LAHORE: The wife of a house owner has confessed to torturing a 10-year old maid that resulted in the demise of the girl. According to the police, the maid, identified as E ...

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

BBC News - The Pakistani servant girl tortured to death

The BBC's Saba Eitizaz reports on the case of a young servant girl in Pakistan tortured to death by her employers

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

A Former Child Soldier Imagines 'Tomorrow' In Sierra Leone : NPR

Ishmael Beah was 12 when he was orphaned by Sierra Leone's civil war and recruited as a child soldier. He described the ordeal in his 2007 memoir, A Long Way Gone. Now, Beah's debut novel, Radiance of Tomorrow, tells the story of a shattere...

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

Should Spanking Children Be Outlawed?

The children’s commissioner for England believes parents should be banned from smacking their children. She says pets and adults are better protected from violence than children.

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

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