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Euthanasia refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. There are different euthanasia laws in each country. The British House of Lords Select... More
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Supreme Court overturns prohibitions on doctor-assisted suicide

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled the prohibition on doctors helping their patients die unconstitutional, giving governments 12 months to draft new rules #euthanasia

Posted by gilligan  (United States)

3quarksdaily: Why don't more people kill themselves?

Why don't more people choose to induce death at the very end of life when they have little more to live for? We are still in thrall to traditional taboos that aren't rational. Those who choose suicide in these circumstances should b...

Posted by mrsalinger  (United Kingdom)

Terminally Ill Woman Brittany Maynard Has Ended Her Own Life - Cancer, Health, Medicine, Real People Stories, Brittany Maynard :

The 29-year-old said she intended to end her own life on Nov. 1 if her suffering became too great #maynard

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Brittany Maynard and the debate about death that America needs to have - Vox

A dearth of debate and discussion doesn't eliminate assisted suicide. Instead, it pushes it into the shadows. #maynard

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Brittany Maynard, 'death with dignity' advocate, dies -

Brittany #Maynard, who said she had terminal brain cancer and would take medication to end her life under Oregon's "Death with Dignity Act," has died.

Posted by dryden  (Canada)

Brittany Maynard: My right to death with dignity at 29 -

Brittany Maynard has brain #cancer and will not live long. She is relieved that when her suffering gets too great, she can say goodbye with dignity.

Posted by gilligan  (United States)

Euthanasia and assisted suicide laws around the world | Society |

On Friday the House of Lords will debate a bill on #assisted dying. See how other countries have legislated on the issue. #euthanasia

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

Only 20 per cent doctors would perform euthanasia if legal, poll of MDs finds

Only one in five doctors in #Canada would be willing to perform #euthanasia if physician-assisted dying were legalized in this country, a survey by the nation's largest doctors' group shows.

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

It is cruel to deny patients the right to euthanasia - Page2 - The Economic Times

"It is dismaying that the #euthanasia debate has been reduced to the irrelevant question of whether or not the Indian citizen has the right to die." - Page2

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

Assisted suicide: Easeful death | The Economist

AFTER suffering a stroke on a business trip Tony Nicklinson, a former rugby player and skydiver, developed locked-in syndrome, an incurable condition that leaves a...

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

Euthanasia for children is hard to contemplate – but we must talk about it | Tom Riddington | Comment is free |

Tom Riddington: Belgium's new law that will allow terminally ill children to die addresses the anguish of people in utterly intolerable situations

Posted by canardic  (Canada)

Belgian law on euthanasia for children, with no age limit, will be first in world | World news |

After debate splitting professions, parliament due to pass law allowing euthanasia for terminally ill minors 'suffering unbearably'

Posted by sue  (United States)

'Coronation Street' suicide sparks euthanasia praise, criticism - Times LIVE

It was one of the gentlest deaths in soap opera history, but it has provoked a strong reaction in Britain.

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

Belgian child euthanasia bill will likely go to a vote on February 13 |

Editor’s note: Sign a petition to stop the Belgian child euthanasia bill here. The Belgian media is reporting that the bill to ex...

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

Hayley Cropper and the fiction of assisted suicide | Euthanasia | TV and radio | spiked

The reality of assisted suicide bears little relation to the image promoted by its supporters.

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

Real advice for those who’ve attempted suicide | TED Blog

In my TED Talk, I acknowledged that I tried to end my life. Here is advice for others who've made the hard decision to come back to life.

Posted by phil  (United States)

Belgian rapist demands euthanasia for psychological pain |

The Globe and Mail has reported that Frank van den Bleeken, a convicted rapist and murderer in Belgium has asked to die by lethal injec...

Posted by KirstenPer  (Canada)

Quebec could become destination for ‘euthanasia tourists’ from other provinces if Bill 52 passes, legislators say | National Post

To be eligible for a legal lethal injection, patients would need a Quebec medicare card, which is granted to newcomers three months after they move to Quebec

Posted by KirstenPer  (Canada)

Right-to-die claims to be heard in supreme court | Society |

Lawyers for right-to-die campaigners will argue medical staff should be able to help those physically unable to end their lives

Posted by KirstenPer  (Canada)

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