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An experimental musical instrument (or custom-made instrument) is a musical instrument that modifies or extends an existing instrument or class of instruments, or defines or creates a new class... More
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Ice musician plays music inspired by the Canadian Arctic - North - CBC News

One of the "coolest" concerts of the year took place in Iqaluit this weekend, as Ice Music returned to Nunavut's capital. The musical group from Norway plays instruments made entirely from freshwater ice.

Posted by ROBIN  (United States)

Ice Music only in Luleå Swedish Lapland

Hey brother what a cool concert! Listen to the town of Luleå's incredible ICE orchestra where the musicians plays on instruments made of ICE, made by the ICE sculpturist Tim Linhart. Here the band Whiteroom playing and singing the big hit ...

Posted by ROBIN  (United States)

Raining Blood on Children's Instruments

Music by #Slayer, performed by Drew Creal. On Children's Instruments.

Posted by gilligan  (United States)

The Golden Age of the Xylophone

CONCERT HALL OF THE MARIINSKY THEATRE Sunday, 14 October 2012 Valery Gergiev presents young musicians from Yugra Ragtime potpourri The Golden Age of the #Xylophone Arrangement -- Floyd Werle Maria Lelikhova (xylophone) Pavel Zubov (piano)

Posted by mrsalinger  (United Kingdom)

Imagine Concierto

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

This is what it sounds like when you play a tree on a record player

This is a sample of Bartholomäus Traubeck's 'Years' Tree Turntable album. Utilizing various make-shift components, including a turntable, PlayStation Eye Camera, a stepper motor to control the arm and computer running Abl...

Posted by tom  (United States)

Bottom Percussion Patax 2


Posted by Ahmet  (Canada)

SCI.2 : infinitely awesome video. every day.!/videos/262#mkc...

We love science. You love science. That’s why we spend our days rounding up the best science videos and streams from around the universe.

Posted by Ahmet  (Canada)

Indian Classical Music Meets Beat Box In 'Exit 1' : NPR

Violinist Nistha Raj is blending classical Hindustani music with modern sounds like beat box and jazz. Raj talks about her debut album Exit 1 in a special performance chat.

Posted by phil  (United States)

Chalice Symphony: Cold War Kids Meet Andy Cavatorta

The Chalice Symphony is a collaboration between #Stella Artois, musical #craftsman Andy Cavatorta, and rock band Cold War Kids.

Posted by canardic  (Canada)


ドコモのサイトでステキな映像発見。 TOUCHWOOD SH-08C

Posted by Ahmet  (Canada)

World's Most Amazing Musical Instrument

World's Most Amazing Musical Instrument

Posted by ozan  (United States)

Êàê ðàíüøå çàïèñûâàëàñ&u

Çà òàêèì èíñòðóìåíòîì çàïèñûâàëàñü ìóçûêà ê ðàííèì äèñíååâñêèì...

Posted by Ahmet  (Canada)

Experimental Musical Instrument Design on Vimeo

Footage from the final concert of Experimental Musical Instrument Design, a course co-taught by Paul Myoda (Visual Art) and Butch Rovan (Music) during the spring…

Posted by Erkan  (Canada)

Jew's Harp, Listen and You Will Hear It: Valentinas & Viaceslavas at TEDxVilnius

Valentinas Krulikovskis and Viaceslavas Lukjanovas are graduates of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. These two movie and theater actors currently work in Russian Drama Theater of Vilnius. Despite many roles they are acting, arti...

Posted by Erkan  (Canada)

Sounds of the Hybrid - Part Two (Hung Lions Roar) : Maxwell Sorenson

"Sounds of the Hybrid" is a body of work (consisting of sculptures, custom built instruments/musical objects, live performances, installations) by artist Maxwell Sorenson. This is a clip from a "Sounds of the Hybrid" live performance. Part ...

Posted by Erkan  (Canada)

Experimental Instruments on Vimeo

Experimental Instruments: A showcase of videos incorporating self-made sound (musical) instruments.

Posted by Ahmet  (Canada)

eric leonardson: experimental instruments

Sound Thinking. The homepages of Eric Leonardson: Chicago-based sound designer, experimental musician and composer, instrument inventor, and teacher.

Posted by Ahmet  (Canada)

Jim Dobles' unique musical instruments taken another step out of the norm in this gallery of eclectic experimental musical instruments. Unusual musical instruments of glass, metal, wood, and stone.

Posted by Ahmet  (Canada)

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