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Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private ownership of the means of production and the production of goods or services for profit. Other elements central to capitalism include... More
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Paul Tudor Jones II: Why we need to rethink capitalism | Talk Video |

Paul Tudor Jones II loves #capitalism. It's a system that has done him very well over the last few decades. Nonetheless, the hedge fund manager and philanthropist is concerned that a laser focus on profits is, as he puts it, "threat... #TED

Posted by sue  (United States)

How Criminals Built Capitalism - Bloomberg View

Capitalism needed crooks, swindlers, and rogues to keep evolving.

Posted by gilligan  (United States)

British capitalism is broken. Here’s how to fix it | Will Hutton | Business | The Guardian

The long read: The country is heading towards a social and economic crisis marked by desperately high levels of inequality. But it’s not too late to create a fairer society in which most people flourish... #capitalism

Posted by ann  (United States)


Posted by sue  (United States)

Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism- Free Press Journal

David Harvey unravels the contradictions at the heart of #capitalism – its drive, for example, to accumulate capital beyond the means of  investing it. Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism David Harvey Profile Books Page...

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

The best of capitalism is over for rich countries – and for the poor ones it will be over by 2060 | Paul Mason | Comment is free | The Guardian

Paul Mason: Populations with access to technology and a sense of their human rights will not accept #inequality... #capitalism

Posted by ann  (United States) #capitalism #hilton #tesla

Posted by NIETZSCHE  (Germany)

Thomas Piketty’s big flaw? Capitalism isn’t the same the world over

Everyone is talking about #inequality and #capitalism nowadays. That’s great, but before we all jump on the bandwagon to “fix” capitalism, let’s talk about which capitalism(s) we wish to fix and how we intend on doing that.

Posted by gregor  (Canada)

The Tyee – On Capitalism, We Are All Pikettists Now

Inequality has always been a rigged game, economist argues in explosive new book... #capitalism

Posted by ann  (United States)

Posted by Ahmet  (Canada)

Capitalism simply isn't working and here are the reasons why | Will Hutton | Comment is free | The Observer

Will Hutton: Economist Thomas Piketty's message is bleak: the gap between #rich and #poor threatens to destroy us... #Capitalism

Posted by phil  (United States)

Global Capitalism: November 2013 Monthly Update

In addition to our usual shorter updates on major economic events in the news over the last month, major attention will be devoted to the following: The federal government's austerity policy, compromises with the Republicans over social sec...

Posted by canardic  (Canada)

The chart that proves capitalism is better than socialism – Telegraph Blogs

Take a look at the above chart, originally published on the Carpe Diem blog of the American Enterprise Institute. As the post's author Mark J Perry say

Posted by Antigone  (Greece)

A Cure for Capitalism - Palo Alto

After five years of deepening crisis, failed "solutions," and aborted "recoveries," millions see a capitalist system no longer serving most Americans. It's time to demand a cure big and bold enough to work. Richard Wolff spoke on to hear th...

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

Pope Francis's Challenge to Global Capitalism : The New Yorker

The core of the Pope's critique is moral and theological rather than economic, and that is what gives it its power.

Posted by KirstenPer  (Canada)

Posted by phil  (United States)

Posted by canardic  (Canada)

Posted by UtkuBayram  (Turkey)

ZEITGEIST The Movie (2007)

Visit for more documentaries! Zeitgeist, the Movie is a 2007 documentary film, produced by Peter Joseph about the Jesus myth, the attacks of 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank as well as a number of conspir...

Posted by alp  (Canada)

Posted by cancan  (Canada)

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